Experience- What You Get When You Don’t Get What You Want #9




During University, I took 120 credits in Early Childhood Education, Pre-school-Grade 6, and 48 credits in Special Education, Pre-School-Grade 12th. Out of the 168 credits, none were devoted to parent,  Parent Teacher Relationships, Nothing. First of all, I can not speak about all school systems except my own when I talk about Special Education. Teachers can be asked to teach any subject if they are certified. Imagine my surprise when after teaching one year of Kindergarten and six years of Transitional, (Grade between Kindergarten and First), I was being  transferred to teach seventh grade Special Education.   Thankfully, I had a wonderful principal. He completely backed me. I redesigned my classroom to separate students into groups. I decided they would love school. I turned all subjects into games, and gave them food as rewards. My favorite part of school was teaching when I got to follow my own lessons to teach curriculum. Attendance went up and the students flourished. We sat in circles and clapped hands to spelling words. We made art projects to reflect story telling. I asked them what they liked best about school and made sure it was incorporated. Best of all, by the end of the year, students went up an average of two grade levels with some testing out of Special Education. I loved those boys and it was a really great year.


Next years notes by Wendy  CC BY 2.0