#18 Every Teacher’s Dream!

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It is said there are no perfect parents. And this is true to the extent that no person is perfect. However, it is very possible for a family to run smoothly and happily. If you are a very lucky teacher you may get this remarkable family. There are student's who make your heart light up just by walking into the room. I was fortunate enough to have such a family. In fact I had all three children.

I was once teaching how to add in base 5 to my 2nd grade class. Stephanie looked up at me with her angelic face and smiled. Since I was not done with my example yet, I asked her if she was having trouble. Stephanie looked at me with those big doe eyes and said, I am done and just waiting. I had taught the concept and  wasn't done with the answer, but she was the first one done in the class, and she was all correct. When I taught editing, Stephanie would immediately understand and from that point on, every paper she turned was perfectly edited. She was kind and worked well with others. She was respectful and had many best friends. BFF was made especially for her.

Both of Stephanie's younger siblings were exactly like her. Their mom, Mrs. Smith, would bring the both of them into the library when she was volunteering. Both would sit like angels and draw quietly while their mom worked. Their self control was magic. Compare that with another mother who came to Parent Conferences with a notebook listing all her daughter's complaints since school started, and wanted to know what I was going to do about it. Nothing. Great communication and kindness were some of the reasons The Smith Family ran so beautifully. May you also be blessed with a family such as this.

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  1. Appreciated your anecdote about Stephanie. You’ll be glad to know that the skills and attributes she showed in your classroom continue to be evident in her adult life today. I feel blessed that I will be her future mother in law and have the Smith family become a part of our family in September of 2016.

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