# 25 If Teacher’s Could Talk


Parent: My child says he didn’t say/do what you’re accusing him of doing. And my child never lies. There are two sides to every story. I want my child here so he could tell us what you did.

Teacher: I am not telling you “A Story.” I am telling you, “The Facts.” If you think I am going to defend myself in front of your little twerp, you are going to have to subpoena me first.

Parent: My child does not want to write down his homework assignments. Therefore, I want you to do it for him.

Teacher: eh, no.

Parent: We are going on vacation and I need all of the schoolwork in advance. My child will also need enough work for six hours on the plane, as his older sister will be getting this and I want you to plan for his time as well.

Teacher: eh, no.

Parent: This is how I think you should teach math and reading.

Teacher: Do you also tell your brain surgeon how to operate?

Parent: My child is misbehaving because he is bored. You are not challenging him.

Teacher: Please explain why he doesn’t do his own work at school or his homework.

Parent: My child does not like you and says you give too much work.

Teacher: My assignments are appropriate for this grade level. Your child spends her time talking and disturbing the class.


 photo credit: N04/8211911124">Cornelia Helfferich via photopin (license)