#29 Seven Things About Your Child

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The teacher spends a great deal of time with students. One benefit the teacher has, is the ability to compare students in all subjects, maturity, effort, ability to get along with others, cooperation, etc.

1. Sharing- Sometimes items get passed out in school and students are expected to share in small groups. While some students are happy putting the items in a small pile for everybody's use, some students want the pile directly in front of them, for their use exclusively. The students know who doesn't share, and so does the teacher, but the teacher is liable to stick with more important things during Parent Teacher Conferences.

2. Kindness-Again, students know who is kind, and who isn't. The unkind students are unlikely to share, while the kind students are happy to. Unkind students tease, and don't care if they hurt other's feelings.  These students need to learn good sportsmanship, as well as kindness.

3. Loving-Students who genuinely care about other's and act in a helpful manner by showing kindness also exhibit loving behavior. These students radiate love. Loving students are sensitive to other students, and ask if they could help if another student is sad. Their compassion shines and they are genuinely concerned for others. It is a ray of sunshine to have a loving student in the classroom.

4. Sensitive-Students have the ability to place themselves in other's positions and react as though they were not being treated as well. Then they stand up for their friend by using kind words and showing a level of maturity far beyond their years. They demonstrate an understanding of the current discussion and use appropriate language in order to get the other party to act kind as well. The discussion always seems to work out in their favor.

5. Truthfulness-Students who exhibit the truth, take rightful ownership of their actions and words. They sincerely apologize if have done or said something wrong.

6. Intellectual- Is a student who possesses a highly degree of intellect. They do their work at school and their homework at home. The parent has never called the school to ask that the teacher write down the night's homework because the student lacks the work ethic to this at school. These students care about their assignments and wants to do well. Their grades and effort are high. It is a pleasure having such students in school.

7. Spoiled-To harm the character of a child by overindulgence or leniency to create an irritable and unpleasant disposition. These children may have a sense of entitlement and feel they are owed whatever they want.

back-2-school-prayer Free Printable Back to School Prayer from Lil Light o' Mine blog