# 32 Why Teachers Leave Careers

Photo courtesy of babble.com.
Photo courtesy of babble.com.

# 32  Why Teachers Leave Careers

Most school systems are set up the same way. There are the Upper Administrators, Administrators, Head teachers, Teachers, Para professionals , Parent helpers, and Guests.  The number of teachers fluctuates with families moving in and out of the areas.  Most members of a school system are clear in their responsibilities.  I like teaching best when teachers are allowed to execute creativity. Curriculum changes over time and eventuality repeats itself. Grade partners work best when kindness and fairness are part of the instruction. For instance, having grade level meetings and including all team members heightens the effectiveness of the team.

Sometimes student grouping seems unbalanced. It seems to put challenging students in one area which seems to make planning more difficult. This can work as long as grade partners are an effective part of the team, and everyone works together for the good of the grade. My favorite types of grouping are changing classes which lends itself to everyone's strengths. Say one teacher is great at teaching writing and another is awesome teaching science. Now lets put each class in the science lab while another grouping fits the writing area. A situation is created whereby everyone benefits. Everyone is being taught to their strength. Think about high school. There are different subjects being taught at different levels. When effort is made to approach the strength of each student, everyone benefits.

Teacher's sometimes leave their careers if they feel unappreciated. Perhaps the workload seems too high. Working together and spreading the wealth benefits everyone. Kindness should prevail. I suggest going out of your way to conduct an act of kindness every day, perhaps even more than one. In the process of making someone else's day, you are also making your own.