# 40 Printing Versus Script

Photo courtesy of canstockphoto.com.
Photo courtesy of canstockphoto.com.

#40 Printing Versus Script

There seems to be a concern about printing versus script in school. Parents are trying to jump in quickly and teach their seven year old script. Then they get annoyed when the teacher does not agree with the parent's thinking. The teacher makes a comment on the child's paper, The infuriated parent sends the paper to the principal, and demands the teacher be fired. Before we know it, this story has made it all over social media.

Back when I taught Kindergarten, our biggest problem was parents teaching student's to write their names, in all capital letters. It took the entire year for the children to unlearn their parent's help.There are several reasons parents should not teach their very young children script, one of which is that not all parents know how to write in script. They are under the impression writing script badly is better than writing it at all, It is not. Now teaches are left with not only student's lack of proper scripting, but also very poor printing.

I recently saw an article about a teacher asking her seven year old student to not write in script. And I immediately saw why. The child's script was awful, with uneven letters and most difficult to read. The parent went on social media and tried to get the teacher fired.The comments from other parents were not kind. Everyone uses a computer these days. Parents can help by teaching students keyboarding. The student will be spending their adult life writing in size 12 font, unless I am teaching when as I require size 14 font for my over 40 eyes.

I always wonder about parents who try to tell their child's teacher how to teach. Do they also tell their surgeon how to do brain surgery? Seriously, if teaching is so easy, why don't they do it? Prove me wrong.

I remember the cutest kindergarten boy. We were practicing letters. I asked him to watch while I wrote a lower case a. Then I asked him to try it, He again made the same errors.

I asked him to try again making the letter the way I showed him. He sweetly looked at me and said That is the way you make a lower case a and this is the way I make it! Thanks, Mom!