#28 Power Perceived is Power Achieved

Photo courtesy of 123rf.com.
Photo courtesy of 123rf.com.


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The  blog for this week is entitled, Power Perceived is Power Achieved. It's about believing in yourself, even when others don't. If things do not seem to be going your way, change your opinion or change your standard. It is always important what you think,. Of course you know you can not change the opinion of other people, unless you have a good argument which another would agree with. This topic can also apply to students .If your students know that you believe in them, they will also believe in themselves. Both your student's and you will be mesmerized at what can be accomplished.

Don't just put a large C for Correct across the page.Tell the students what the objective or outcome is before they begin. When they are finished with their work, have them go back and underline or circle the objective you were trying to reach. Then call on 3 students to present their work to the class. Have a few students give their opinion on the work. Then put the class into groups of 3 and have them share their work. Tell the class it sometimes takes a few tries to get the right idea, and to please not be upset if their answer is not correct the first time. Friends are there to help.Take a few corrected papers and hang them up for all to see. Remark about them as you pass by.

Suppose you gave a report for the class to do, perhaps with a social studies theme. The worksheet may give all the directions, the paragraphs, the specifics, and most students don't do well. What happens now? The best way for students to meet with success is to model what you want them to do, Start with the worksheet, choose a topic sentence, and then choose three sentenced that go along with the topic sentence. The last sentence is the concluding sentence. The entire class and you are doing this together. Not all, or even many, students know how to write in script. Unless you are in a computer lab, students may end up printing. Pay careful attention to students who are making a strong effort. Consider having students bring their papers home for parents to sign. Often. Then parents can not truthfully claim they did not know their child was doing poor work.

Students can be crafty and tell you they forgot to bring their paper back to school. Tell them they can rewrite it during recess as recess is for students who complete their work. After a couple of times, you will be surprised at how many students bring their signed and back to you. Power Perceived is Power Achieved.