# 45 The Billionaire Club

Photo courtesy of stockfresh.com.
Photo courtesy of stockfresh.com.

Evidently the superintendent of a Public School, along with the elementary principals, thought it would be a good idea to eliminate the halloween parade held, until now, every halloween.( The non capitalization is on purpose.) One principal sent a note home to parents saying schools should be inclusive, and having halloween events such as a parade, excludes those whose religion or culture prohibit such issues. No other alternative was given, and frankly parents were taken by surprise. The letter was incomplete by not listing alternatives, and one parent took it upon herself to make a petition to bring back halloween. She listed  many holidays that she was under the   assumption that were celebrated in school, and she wanted them brought back. To date the petition has over 6,000 signatures. Facebook made it its trending story, for billions of its users to see prominently, Hence the title of this article. Fox news,The Washington Post, The Drudge Report, and the National Reviews picked up the story as well.

The superintendent wrote a very snarky response to the parents.. She expressed hurt at the untruths. Perhaps she could have written the original letter to parents so that everyone would be on the same page. She talked about other principals plans for at the schools. She seems to think this is really a 20 minute parade. But in my experience it hasn't been much less than an hour.  It was never a 20 minute parade, Girls need to dress in the restroom with their moms because wearing the costume while walking to school  is  dangerous. Then parents help in removing costumes. The kids are so excited it is almost impossible to settle them down afterward. It is considered a wasted school day because the students have left their manners at home.

Then there are the additional games, candy and fun that is held in the evenings. This is the part that should have been included in the original letters. Instead,  parents were given the impression no fun activities would be permitted. 

It is suggested that all the principles and the superintendent get together and come up with a universal game plan so that each school knows what the expectations are. One school has an evening Monster Mash in which loud music plays, children dance, prizes are given out, food is in abundance, and best of all, there is a Haunted House in one of the hallways. It is nice to see fathers and their children using real tools to put the Haunted House together.I brought my children one year. Taylor was Little Bo Peep and Hunter was the Little Lamb. Way Too Cute. I remember one year when a cardboard box with cooked spaghetti and hard-boiled eggs were a real hit inside the dark haunted house. This is the stuff where memories are made. Another school has just as brilliant an idea in that their cars are used for a trunk or treat and it takes place in the evening at school.

Also, instead of taking the evening off, or hiding in their office, the principals should be on site leading the parade.

This reminds me of a time when report cards were changed in the elementary schools. There was a few copies of the new cards in the teacher's rooms. Upon examination, my eyes were drawn to the misspelling of subtraction, twice. I didn't mark it on the card, figuring that hundreds of teachers would notice this glaring error. I was wrong. After the cards were collected, I mentioned in the teacher's room I hoped they corrected the spelling and two minor typos. No one knew what I was talking about. No teacher in my city except me bothered to look or didn't check or didn't say anything. Guess what happened next? Thousands of four layered report cards came back from the printer with the mistakes. A memo went out that all teachers had to correct the errors with a pen.

Now I have to wonder how that principal's meeting went when they were given the report cards to leave in the teacher's room. An entire room filled with principals couldn't detect two simple spelling errors? Or did a few and they thought someone else would say it? Bet that was an expensive mistake. They were redone for the next year. The moral of this story is, If you see something, say something. Including Teachers. Also, if you think an idea is a bad one, say so, and do it kindly.