#50 Prospective Teachers


Here is a piece written from an anonymous contributor...

Teaching has to be one of the most gratifying career choices anyone can make, and being an integral part of forming the minds of our young people is a calling that is also a treasure. However, being a fun teacher is also important, and finding ways to liven things up in the classroom is part of what makes a good teacher as opposed to a droning instructor. Making learning fun is what makes the whole process move more effectively and productively.

Teaching has becoming a very satisfying career which anyone can be happy to pursue. It is a career that requires patience and determination but success is guaranteed even for the self-motivated individuals. The fulfillment and satisfaction comes when a teacher sees his work being appreciated by the community as they educate responsible members of the society.

If you are seriously thinking of becoming a teacher, just know that you need more than the love for children for you to succeed.

Patience and lots of care is required in order to teach the young minds with love and perseverance. This will help them to understand what they are taught. He must be very creative and be able to manage time very well.

Apart from time management and flexibility, it also demands a great deal of creativity because a teacher will be many different roles rolled into one for the children he is handling. He must reinvent himself into a nurse, a friend, educator, and disciplinarian all wrapped up together.

After searching your heart and being convinced that you want to become a teacher, the first thing is to find any of the accredited teacher programs that are in the higher education institutions. You should be able to get bachelor's degree in the field of education. A list of all accredited courses and the institutions that offer education are out on the website by the Arizona State Board Approved Programs.

Obtaining employment as a teacher requires you to have passed through the accredited institutions that offer accredited degree in education. It is better to get some details from the schools where you would be asking for a teaching post. They will tell you the kind of qualifications they will need you to have. Remember that even after getting your degree in education, the state of Arizona still asks the teachers to obtain a certification by the State.

Many of the drawbacks of teaching have been well discussed. Probably the most popular one is the one about how low pay scale of the career path. Especially if you are a teacher in a public school system... as the vast majority are.

Since becoming a teacher is a calling, teachers' top priority is to work for money, rather it is working for their inner passion... and for true teachers, this is enough of a good reason to teach.

With teachers' inner passion for their profession, as the main motivation to teach, there are so many other positives that surface as a result and provide the meaning behind selecting teaching as a job for life.

The following are just a few of this motivations that help teachers follow their passion of education.

1. Some people choose teaching as a profession because they love the academic environment.

2. Some teachers simply have such a passion for their particular subject matter that they teach... it's like a hard habit to break.

3. The deep appreciation they receive from their students when they are passionately teaching the field of knowledge of their expertise.

4. The excitement of teaching in seeing young minds come alive in class and taking each step in their advancement along their trail to becoming a truly productive, educated individual.

5. The teaching profession is a career field that offers the opportunity for self improvement and educational advancement.

6. Accepting the challenge of educating children and teenagers and to help them become a productive, giving part of their society. By doing so, as a teacher you bring them wisdom and knowledge in spite of all the negatives that today's society may throw at young developing minds.

7. The pure satisfaction of preserving and passing along an area of knowledge by lighting the same flame of passion within some of your students.

No matter what the personal reasons to teach you have in mind, teachers acknowledge that the core reason of becoming a teacher has a calling.

A dedicated teacher doesn't take on the challenges of this profession for the financial part of this career path.

No matter what the personal reasons in teaching you elevate the most, you will become successful, respected, and be remembered by your students as one of the greatest teacher they had... just by following your passion of teaching.