#59 Goldilocks Found a Bed

Tuft and Needle Mattress photo courtesy of mattress-reviews.co
Tuft and Needle Mattress photo courtesy of mattress-reviews.com

#59 Goldilocks Found a Bed

Stress-Pressure or tension exerted on a material object. In this case, the object is you. Sometimes stress hits you like a rocket. Other times, when you feel it just coming on, it veers off in another direction, and you can once again breath. If you are a teacher, stress and tension are familiar feelings. You get home, throw your coat on a chair, sit on the couch and close your eyes for a few minutes. You think about your day. Did Martha really ask that question? Did you really answer it? Did your principal really tell you to hand copy four students homework at the end of the day because they're too lazy to do it? And did you forget because they were too busy talking? You look down at the briefcase you still have clutched in your hand. Five papers times 26 students equals no Netflix tonight. At least you thought of two great lessons that connect Social Studies with Citizenship on the way home. Take out your notebook and jot it all down before you forget. You wish dinner was cooking. Too big a wish to happen. So you go through your choices, frozen pizza, Shake and Bake chicken, yogurt and fresh vegetables. Settle for the chicken and a hot shower while it's cooking. After dinner is put away and papers are corrected with grades entered in the grade book,

You start to get tired. You have not been sleeping well lately. Maybe if you wait to sleep, you might be more relaxed. Or, you might be extra tired tomorrow. You have promised yourself a new bed. Over the weekend you have checked out bed stores. Beds are a personal item. It is uncomfortable sitting or lying on a bed with a salesperson staring at you. They want to tell you about the sales. Everything is always on sale. You don't want sales. You want comfort. You felt like Goldilocks. Some beds were too firm, soft or both. You get on your computer and shop, compare, and notice that one mattress is rated the best in the world by Amazon.com. How could you go wrong with that? My goodness, the price is reasonable and that in itself is awesome. It is called Tuft and Needle. The queen size looks great and it is simple to order. Now you just have to wait a week......

Doorbell rings. Surprise! It has only been two days. Feels like a Holiday! It was fun taking the mattress out of the box and watching it slowly unravel. Brand new sheet set waiting to be put on. You bought four King sized pillows and it looks perfect.

(You do know I am talking about myself here, right?) The first night of sleep was wonderful. I slept through the whole night and woke up refreshed. The bonus was this heavy duty box which I haven't thrown away. I keep it in the garage for my recyclables. When it gets full I transfer it into a couple bags and toss those. After a week I decided I wanted a higher bed. I checked around and settled on a birch wood, raised bed frame with a base and headboard at Ikea. The price was right at $129.00. I should tell you only the birch was that price because they got a double shipment. The other colors were $50.00 more. There may be no Ikea's where you live, so don't despair. Simply go online and look up the best bed frame in the world. That was a joke.

After a few days I got a handwritten Thank You note from the owner of the company! How cool was that! I still have it tacked next to my headboard because this will probably be the only time in my life someone important takes the time to send me a thank you note. Not only do I have the most comfortable mattress in the world from the kindest people but I also go to work refreshed, and who worries about Martha!

Have a Refreshing Night,


A team of researchers also agreed and gave Tuft & Needle: https://www.reviews.com/mattress/.  top marks!

Goldilocks Agrees!