#66 Gray Area

#66 Gray Area

All school systems are different from one another. I marvel at the fact these differences can be so huge. Why doesn't a group of Superintendents take tours during the school days to compare what they see? It is a shame that school systems are working with a very large discrepancy of funds. I believe the state should do a better job of allocating funds to children who need it, instead of wealthy schools buying ridiculous items that could otherwise be used to help all children learn, not just the children from wealthy families.

Teachers are afraid of principals. Principals are afraid of the superintendents. The superintendents are afraid of parents. The parents are afraid of students, and the students are afraid of no one.

The above is a saying that has been going around for some years now. Do you think it is true? Do you think school settings contribute to school relationships? I have a question. Why do Planning and Zoning boards continue to allow new dwellings to be made even though there is no room for the people who live there? Then people go around and blame the people who live in crowded cities for how things worked out. Yet people who live in crowed areas can not afford to pay high taxes because their environment was detrimental to their education.  Are you really surprised when the crime rate is higher in busy cities than in rural areas?  Cities are cramped and there is not enough room for people to spread out to play, get around, and feel the same degree of fresh air. There are not enough places that hire for every one to have a job, and reasons why people become angry. I heard a politician say minimum wage was created for young kids and the elderly, not for men and women to raise families. Does anyone ever think about how they contribute to the unfairness that made the adults this way? When you put your safety in jeopardy every day just to make it to school, when teachers are given 50 cents per student to purchase supplies for the year, when parents come home exhausted from two jobs this makes a difference.

Think of ways you can help your neighbor, and vote for people who care about every human being, not just the rich ones who look like them. Be good to your neighbors. You have never walked in their shoes, and should help. Asking people how you can help works some of the time, and if you develop friendships you can get an idea of what would be beneficial based on how your family works. Charity begins at home. If you send me your ideas, I will list it here.

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