# 67 Outstanding Educational Practices

#67 Outstanding Educational Practices

I have spent many years working as a substitute teacher in various school districts. There is no correlation between the quality of education, and the cost of a substitute teacher. For instance, one school district paid $100.00 a day per sub, and was by far the poorest level of education I have witnessed. Another school system paid $75.00 a day per sub, and had by far the best organized  schools I have ever seen.

This reinforces my thinking that an excellent principal has a wonderful mannerism at his school, being that he heads the school. Attributes such as kindness, politeness, smart and knowledgeable bring excellent qualities to the school. It is imperative that an effective principal be affirming to the staff so that everyone feels valued.

I especially like how one school had a science teacher as a specialist. Students in grades 1-4 would go to science class three times a week, along with three times for every specialist. This allowed teachers to get together and plan. Even the bulletin boards were planned out.

The lesson plans per grade were very much alike. My favorite part of this school district was the amazing behavior of the students. Every class walks in the hall. The school emphases kindness, and it shows. Students listen to their teachers, and they help each other. Everyone seems happy, understand rules and consequences, and most of all, it is evident they love school!

It is suggested you check out several school systems before you settle on one. You won't regret the outstanding educational practices you will find.



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