#41 Accidents, Fate, and Common Sense


It is acceptable to teach students no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Is it also a good idea to teach students to think before they act. It helps with impulse control. Some teachers ask their students if this a "thinking idea" or "speaking idea," in an effort to get students to distinguish between what should be said out loud, and what should be kept in their head. It helps students to become more aware of their actions.

Parents, there is one view I always held, "all accidents are 100% preventable." Some examples are: don't answer the phone or door when your children are in the bathtub, don't ever leave your children in the car, regardless of the temperature outside. Use a paper plate on your steering wheel. One size said "pick up kids" and the other side said "drop off kids." If you are ever having a neighbor pool party, hire a licensed Life Guard for every pool you're using.

When my children were small, I gave up  drinking hot tea and hot coffee for a few years. My logic was if never held a cup of scalding water, my children could never get burned.

When they are young, I sometimes used to watch them sleep for a while. My daughter absolutely refused to sleep on her side being in favor of her tummy. I gave up because she was adamant, she would win this.  I let her win, but I said a prayer to God every night to protect her as she slept.

Never let your children outside unintended.

Keep your child off of social media as long as possible. Their sensitive feelings take comments to heart, sometimes with drastic effects.

Tell your children everyday that you love them and so happy they are in your life. When your child is being well-behaved, tell them right away how happy you are that they are following directions.

Fate is defined as circumstances beyond ones control's, and to an extent, it is. I still believe by following safety rules, you can protect your children to a greater degree. How do you keep from sliding your car from ice and hitting another car? Do not drive on ice!  Make every effort yourself in positive situations and take your children with you. Better choices builds happiness.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I hope you were exposed to new ideas that I gleamed in over 30 years of teaching, and perhaps let me listen in on a few conversations. I encourage you to share information. janstanford58@gmaIL

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